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Thanks to the wonderful invitation from Hwajing Travel and Tours, I recently had the opportunity to enjoy my very first high tea indulgence on the Superstar Libra cruise!

royal high tea superstar libra cruise servants

We were greeted with a special welcome ceremony by the servants upon entering Four Seasons Restaurant.

royal high tea superstar libra cruise food

Afternoon tea was introduced in England by Anna, the 7th Duchess of Bedford in the year of 1840 to ward off hunger in between luncheon and dinner. It has become a fashionable social event for the upper class society.

royal high tea superstar libra cruise twinings tea

We get to choose our favourite Twinings Tea before the foods were served. Each tea has its own nutritional benefits. English Breakfast Tea can prevent cancer and kidney stone. Earl Grey Tea helps to fight anxiety and depression. Peppermint Tea can relieve sinus and soothes stomach problems. Green Tea is high in antioxidants and a good anti-inflammatory.

royal high tea superstar libra cruise entree

Prawn FritterSavoury Quiche, and Baked Mushroom Mini Pie are the delicious entrée that welcome passengers to an exciting experience savouring high tea at sea onboard Superstar Libra in style.

royal high tea superstar libra cruise hors d'oeuvre

Next we had the Hors d’oeuvre, small savory dishes which include Mini Ratatouille on TartSmoked Salmon on BriocheAloo Vada on Prata BreadSmoked Duck on Mini BaguetteCamembert Cheese on Rye RollTuna Mousse on Croissant Roll, and Spiced Squid with Caramelized Onion.

royal high tea superstar libra cruise food

Be spoilt for choices with the delectably-crafted sweet temptations, including CupcakeFruit TartRed VelvetCheese CakeCrème BruleeRainbow MacaroonEnglish Fruitcake, as well as my favourite Scones with cream, jam and marmalade.

royal high tea superstar libra cruise kenny cheong

Mr Kenny Cheong, the Managing Director of Hwajing Travel and Tours, was also there to give his welcome speech, “Hwajing is committed to always provide the most unique traveling experience with the smartest budget to its passengers. Unique from other cruise packages, Hwajing embedded the concept of “Royal High Tea” onboard Superstar Libra that is specifically custom-made for Hwajing’s passengers.”

royal high tea superstar libra cruise serving food

“This is the main highlight and the biggest surprise that we want to reward our passengers throughout their cruise vacation. And, we hope our passengers would able to enjoy the extraordinary cruise holiday experience,” Mr Cheong added.

royal high tea superstar libra cruise marvin michael kho

Who says high tea is only for ladies? My friend Marvin was truly enjoyed himself with a good cup of tea, and some kepoh chit-chat session with us.

royal high tea superstar libra cruise ivy kam

For an extraordinary cruise holiday experience that you will always remember, Hwajing Travel and Tours is the perfect choice! Kindly check out their website at wms.hwajing.com.my for more fabulous cruise packages that will perfectly suit to chillaxing your cruise holiday.


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Thanks my friend Marvin Michael Kho for few photos

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