Hola Food lovers/Hunters, it’s been a month since I’ve last stepped into Citta Mall due to frequent events and traveling. The year 2017 has made me much busier although it was also a great year for me. I believe the year 2018 will be much better (With more food and more travelling)!

My return visit to Citta Mall was obviously for foods lah. Normally I will go window shopping more than shopping because I’m poor (haha!). There were 3 new food outlets in Citta Mall that I wanted to try – Universal Noodle , Mikey’s New York Pizza and Marrybrown. I have “whacked” all these three outlets to see the difference in the specials that they have served us!

Curries & Claws

When it comes to banana leaf rice , I’m crazy about it. I have my all-time favourite place for banana leaf rice but since Curries & Claws were newly opened in Citta Mall, I MUST try it out. Curries & Claws serves a huge variety of seafood dishes in curry but they also have other dishes such as mutton or chicken. There are chicken varuval, crab varuval, the burner (Steamed assorted seafood such as flower crabs, prawns, squid, crustacean and fish in rassam or tomyam as a choice), curry fish head and mutton varuval.

The banana leaf set has three types of vegetables, rice, papadom and a choice of three types of curry (Chicken Curry, Fish Curry or dhal). Banana leaf is actually a vegetarian meal; so, if you are a meat lover just add side dishes. You will not be able to stop adding more rice because of the delicious curries. Also, if you really want to enjoy an authentic banana leaf meal, it is recommended for you to eat with your hand.


Gelare is among one of the newly launched outlet in Citta Mall, serving waffle with ice cream and ice cream with waffle – LOL. It is mainly about dessert on waffle. They do serve pasta and burgers too. There are many fancy names given to all the waffles. Do try the chocolate chips with double scoop ice cream and Banana Craze Classic single scoop ice cream.

I strongly recommend the Banana Craze as it has made my day! It is filled with banana on top of the waffle and flooded with caramel syrup. The texture of all this waffle is fluffy inside and crispy on the outside. Try it out yourself if you don’t believe me!

Universal Noodle

Universal Noodle served Chinese cuisine noodles with soup or dry version, something like pork noodle soup that you can see everywhere but this was slightly different. This restaurant recently opened in early January 2018 and is the first and only outlet in Citta Mall at the moment. Honestly, it’s really hard finding a fine pork noodles nowadays.

There were a variety of side dishes like : chicken feet, stew beancurd & egg, fried wan ton, fish cake, fried pork fillet, vegetable and cucumber. All these side dishes were a great combination for the noodles that we were having.

The atmosphere is quite comfortable and clean. The seating arrangements were well arranged by all the friendly staff and it was impressive!

What you saw may look like a normal bowl of pork noodle. For me this bowl of pork noodles was awesome. Although the noodles were average but the bone broth soup nice and it was a secret recipe from Universal Noodle Restaurant. There are two options to enjoy your pork noodles: Dry version or Soup version with fresh minced pork and pork intestine.

At Universal Noodle, they serve delicious, simple and affordable dessert. The mango pudding sugar level was perfect as it was not too sweet. Their Beancurd Pudding (Ang mo style Tau Fu Fah) and Black Sesame Soup Sweet Dessert was thick and delicious!

Yes, here you go. All the above was mine! Drop by when you are in Citta Mall! The shop is located next to Marrybrown.

Mikey’s New York Pizza

Are you familiar with Mikey’s New York Pizza? They are not a stranger among the many pizza chains in Malaysia and they are well known with their large pizza size served. This is their fourth outlet in Citta Mall.

The shop interior is designed with red brick similar to those pizza restaurants at New York Downtown. Pizza-moment-photos were hung up on the wall and there is a big graffiti art at the end of the restaurant. As we walked in, it felt as though we have stepped into one of the many streets in New York. A young and friendly manager warmly welcomed us and showed us around and explained a lot about Mikey’s New York Pizza.

Pizza Master in action with a live flying dough in front of us, but watch out for the flying pizza dough as he can spin it up really high!

Every piece of the pizza is much bigger than the size of my palm. As there are ten different flavors on the tray to choose from, we have ordered eight. The pizza filling was so rich! Don’t forget about their Snack Bites, The Manhattan, Cliff’s Philly Cheese Steak. What cool names for such awesome snacks.


Marrybrown is a well known franchising food chain in Malaysia and we are here to dine because it is newly opened in Citta Mall too! We are able to try their new menu: Nasi Lemak Burger and Nasi Lemak in Burger. Yea, you heard it right! A combination between burger bun filled with nasi lemak ingredients. Are you Serious????

What you see what you get, The menu is complete with rice, cucumber, eggs, sambal, fried chicken and also flanked with bread…is unequivocally delicious. I’m really serious here, this is not a made up from me. From bottom is the burger bun follow up with Rice then a piece of Fried Chiken further up is A full spoon of Sambal on top the Fried chicken, continue a slice of Egg and Cucumber.

Can you guess what is this? It is french fries covered with sambal sauce topping on peanuts and Fried anchovies.

One complete set of Nasi Lemak Burger and Sambal French Fries.

Nasi Lemak in the bun is something new to check it out. Are you in the mouth watering condition after reading this article till the end? What I had in Citta Mall stays in Citta Mall. It was a great place to bond with family and friends at Citta Mall. You get to shop or indulge yourself with the food haven or watch movies at MBO cinema. It was really a fun place to be.

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