Whenever you hear the line “Year after year, I think the celebration is getting less impactful, not as cool as before. I think it’s the economy”!

Hello! This means YOU ARE OLD AF. Why don’t you grab a bloody new blanket at Ikea (not a sponsored ad) and watch Home Alone 1 & 2 drinking Milo panas! (If you’d continued with Home Alone 3, then you should seek help. Many therapists out there!)

Anyway, there are tons of malls (and many new ones mushrooming all over Klang Valley), and they STILLLLLLLL give a damn about NYE! (It’s 2018, my first article, so please excuse my French. Eh! Whoppes. Bye!) YUP! Well, very obviously as a party-going, makan-venturing, bar-hopping, hyperactively charged “confused” Gen Y-er who loves life to the max, I told my mates I MUSTTTTT do an article on how our malls in Klang Valley still gives a damn (here I go again) about New Year’s Eve Celebration! So we decided to split up and check out the malls.

Here’s our review:


Every year end without fail, Publika brings colours to the lives of those in Mont Kiara and around! The artsy mall in the affluent community of Mont’ Kiara (Note: please read the line with a slight “atas” accent, with eyes rolling up and down a little bit too), hosted the Ultraviolet-themed countdown party where guests were encouraged to dress up in white or neon outfits! From augmented reality games to face pantings; photo booths to cultural performances (Artsy weiiii :p); music bands to dance performances & DJs… Publika surely planned their Neon party pretty well! They also had Malaysia’s Top Celebrity Beatboxer, internationally acclaimed Shawn Lee dropping beats too! Not to mention the country’s top dance crew, Rejuvenate Dance Crew hip hopping their way to 2018 with Acapella group Back2Basixx putting up an amazing show! Defo an awesome and amazing party with the booze and fireworks that gives a great end to a spectacular show!


10 mins ++ drive from Mont’ Kiara via the Pencala Link you will reach Mutiara Damansara and the Curve rocked the night with amazing line up of artists like Adwin Choo, Atrez, Sky High, Twins and also Kaka Azraff.

Check out a vid here:


They had HYDRA! OMG OMG OMG! (Fan boy screammmssssss) OK side track… To watch Hydra Band play at TDH Oasis is like near impossible because everytime they have a gig there it’s full house! And they play the kind of music that are amazing! From Bon Jovi to Greenday; Guns N’ Roses to the days when music is really music (OK. SHUT UP! I told you I was a confused Gen-Y-er didn’t I? But heyyy don’t judge)… Hydra is the utmost awesomest band for me and many people! Okay .. back to the countdown party …

Besides Hydra, they also brought in Elecoldxhot or better known as ECX. Once famous with Dennis Yin and Chris Ooi spear-heading this dance crew to the top back in 2013. DJ Frannie Luv spun music for approx an hour prior to the fireworks display. It was an amazing fireworks presentation too.


This new shopping mall that is now a mega icon in the Cheras area houses loads of awesome brands and most importantly IKEAAAAAAA (Ok! Damn it! Seriously they didn’t pay us ya! This is NOT a sponsored post). Opened in March 2017, this is their very first countdown party and certainly they must pump it up to create presence right?! YES! They had Paper Plane Pursuit (OMG! OMG! OMG!), Douglas Lim (OMFG!) & Daiyan Trisha (FTW)! Other line-ups include LED Water Drum, Drama Band, The Gunturs, Le’ Lagoo, Dj Arabyrd! Have I mentioned Daiyan Trisha? Oh..! I have. (Drools!)


OK. I love the mall. Seriously. The whole magician thing in 2012 when they opened (Oh?! You don’t know? Here read up: http://www.freemalaysiatoday.com/category/nation/2012/05/31/malls-magic-response-draws-flak/) .. till today! The tenants.. the structure of the mall and confusing floor-buttons of the lift (trust me.. you will know when you get there)… give the mall a unique combi. Actually I quite like the mall.

And this year they decided to throw a NYE party too… but kind’a small scale compared to other big players.

They had live band, magic show, LED Dance show, LED Water Drum Show & a balloon drop at the strike of midnight! Too bad there wasn’t any fireworks display.


Gone were the days where we always use the line …”Wanna watch a movie no need to book, just go to CITTA Mall Sudah lah!!!” Well … I am guilty as charged cause I would head out to CITTA Mall’s MBO cinema whenever the one in Subang Parade is full. Oh! Shoooosh… Well, they even have the Barn now and Beer Factory will be opening real soon! Unlike other malls, they had the DJ spin at the very beginning instead. A magic show attracted families up front and then the multi-talented, multi-lingual Baki Zainal took the stage with his wit & wry humour and what people can say as #MulutTakDeInsurans but funny af! Shawn Lee and Rejuvenate Dance Crew then rocked the crowd (Very good eh… got 2 shows for the night you know! LOL).

Adibah Noor later belted out some awesome sing-along numbers that got the crowd cheering and clapping. The amazing part was when Kak Deebs invited guests on stage to do a catwalk game while she performed the great Indian hit Dhoom and Agnes Monica’s Tiada Logika! The concert ended with all artists on stage doing It’s My Life with the live band, Lost Radio. Then the amazing fireworks display kept everyone in an awe-inspiring mood!


When Sydney has it’s Harbour Bridge and Opera House glitter with reflections of the fireworks display and the Eiffel Towel lights up in Paris … KLCC is definitely our pride to shout out about!

The 10 minute musical fireworks display with Petronas Twin Towers at the forefront was inevitably a beautiful reminder of Malaysia’s pride! The 3 hour stage performance was also an awesome showcase of talents! AF Megastar 2017 Idayu together with the versatile Alif Star entertained audiences with numbers that they sang along to. DJ Roundhead from Traxx FM also pumped up some awesome beats that kept everyone moving to the groove.

All in all … these malls in Klang Valley still took out some budget and pumped it up for a good NYE countdown party for all of you. 2017 passed by (at least for me) like a glimpse of an eye and whoooooooshhhhh it’s gonna be faster in 2018 I reckon! Stay cool… chill and relax and face all the challenges bravely and boldly! No matter what you do …. Stay happy and stay awesome!

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